• I. L. Tanis

When It Hurts

Another post for this week.

This is kind of 'processing' poetry; just dealing with wanting so bad to help others who are hurting, and knowing I can't do anything but pray.

I hope it is a blessing to you all.

"Hold on to the Lord, take courage,

God is with his children," they say,

well that's great in the good times

but why does He now feel so far away?

All these things, they crowd my mind

God seems like he's left, but why?

then it hits me. I look down,

I feel ashamed, "I did it, didn't I?"

"I pushed you out, made it about me."

As I sit in the silence, I feel so sad

but then as I cry out to God,

it's like He takes my hand.

"Child, you hurt for others,

that's something precious

but you must not take over,

or the pain will be vicious.

"She was my child, you know,

you knew her, you say

but you know I loved her more,

and now her pain is gone away.

Those left here will remember,

you cannot change the grieving days

You must show your love in prayer

love them in the small ways."

As I sat there, tears began to flow

"But I know that! I know you're there!

But I cannot be there for them!

I can't be anywhere but here!"

Then the tears faded,

my vision began to clear.

My job is to love people,

God's is to wipe the tears.

I can always love people,

love with all my heart.

I can show them Christ's love,

show them to the start.

Does it hurt to see others' pain?

I'm God's child, so yes, it always will

But it's not my job to fix it,

God whispers, "Peace, be still,"

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