• I. L. Tanis

The Cry of the Sea

Hello all, while I work more on the character post that is heading your way, I'd like to give you some poetry this week!

The Cry of Sea

Warriors of Visaya, book 1

A sky of scarlet, a sea of tears.

The cloven helm and broken sword.

Bitter the sting of loves parted and cruel, man's fears.

The heart of the warrior is strong.

The warriors courage is unbroken,

but the dawn is short, the night is long.

The battle of the courageous is not in vain,

the home of the brave has been saved.

The lament of our warriors and their pain.

the sky, its tears are falling

but the sun is bright in the west

and the white gulls are calling.

never forget, always remember,

the cries of the gulls,

the warm of spring comes after winter.

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