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The Ash Tree Song

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Hello explorers!

I am hoping to do posts that cover more than one interest in this blog, including history, art, and writing. Along with those —though it will not be so frequent as other topics— I will post some poetry, and some of them will be from my novels, as this one is.

The Ash Tree Song

(from Warriors of Visaya, book 5)

The Ashes’ leaves are green and cool,

Their roots beside Brenna’s pool.

The oak is tall, the pine so slender,

The fir is green ev’n in December.

But my heart lies with the Ash Tree

The queen of the green sea.

The elm is lovely, the cedar ancient

The apple sightly, the pine is patient.

The Ash Tree grows, above my head,

The fallen leaves become my bed.

The world is changing, the pines are gone,

The willow’s tears are hanging long,

The cedars are falling, the elm’s leaves dead,

But ev’n in winter, the Ash’s crown is red.

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