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Servant Heart

Today, I'd also like to post this piece of writing by a friend of mine going by the name Kendra Write.

Some people are born leaders in life; they take charge, get things done and people recognize them, give them the credit.

Then there are those who are behind the scenes. They are rarely noticed in the finished results of whatever they have poured themselves into, but these are the important people who make it all work.

Thank you to those of you who work behind the scenes, making it all happen.

Mine Is Yours

By Kendra Write

I may not have accomplished much... in the world’s eyes. But to me, I have accomplished more than enough. If there is any way to help you succeed at something, assist you in overcoming any obstacle, or direct you back to Jesus, it is the world to me.

I do not have many dreams, and the few I do are not extensive by any man's standards. I don’t have many dreams, because my dreams are your dreams. If I can help you fulfill your dreams, mine have been fulfilled as well. I thrive on your wellbeing, and even more so if I can help it in any way. I don’t have big dreams because my dreams are your dreams, my heart your heart, my success your success.

Should you lose sight of your dreams, I will tell you to pick yourself up again and keep on fighting, warrior. Should you lose sight of our Jesus, I’ll always turn you back to Him unapologetically. I ask not more than for you to be you, and please don’t even think of putting me centre stage. Because my dreams are your dreams, my heart is your heart, and my success is your success.

Mine is yours.

And I will always be here, quietly waiting for you —wishing only that I might direct you toward our Jesus and help you reach your dreams.

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