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My World

This is another one of those sudden posts that I've written impromptu.

This is written with me looking back on my perspective as a child growing up.

My World

God gave me imagination, so I'm going to use it.

He gave me a heart to love, eyes to see, and ears to hear. He wants me to trust Him, so I will.

He wants me to love, so I will.

He wants me to forgive, so I'll do it for Him.

I want to love with all my heart, see the best in you, and listen when you hurt. When I see your tears it hurts my heart. I may not know what is hurting, but I want to help you.

I cannot know to the full extent what hurts you, because I am not you, but I can feel your pain, and I can imagine the pain. I’ll tell you stories to make you feel better, I’ll make something cool to make you smile, find a silly tale to make you laugh.

Plants with weird names are instantly fantastical as I wonder what kind of uses I could make for them. Flowers are dress designs waiting for master skills to transform them. They spice up the pine needles and mud soup —the best soup that my imaginary friends will ever taste.

Clothing, no matter how plain it seems to you, is the garb of royalty; the chiton dress I made out of a lavender-purple bed sheet for a homeschool event became my princess dress, and that old scarf was a beautiful sash. Experimenting with hairstyles that look weird to you is me finding just the right look for my disguise.

The songs I sing along to with all my heart are end credits to stories, the music behind a scene in my adventure, or the life stories of characters.

When I go for a walk, squirrels are on missions, dogs are sniffing out runaways and butterflies are spies.

Trees aren't just trees! They are friends to make forts in. They make good military rendezvous points and castles to hide in during a siege and eat snacks. The willow trees are the crying wanderers who need their hair braided, rowans are graceful lords and ladies giving away rubies, and the forests of poplars and birches are the crowds of admirers who clap their hands.

The dog is my side-kick that I may just kick when he goes astray from the mission and I’ll pardon his criminal offense. Or maybe he's my enemy, but he's mine, and he’s definitely not just the slobbery animal licking my hand.

The chickadees are spies, spiders are little villains sent to scare me, and roosters are alarm clocks with no off-button, just perpetual snooze.

If you see me swinging a stick, know it's a sword, and the goblin hordes of the north are keeping me busy, or I'm sparring with the master swordsman of the Griffon People of the Islands of Visaya.

The pastor is a warrior of God, fighting with the lies of the world with the Sword of Truth to lead us on the way to Salvation and Eternal Life. My peers are potential fellow warriors. My family and my few friends are my dearest and closest comrades and I'll fight nail and tooth to keep them safe from anything that dares to try and hurt them.

My dad is a Captain over his crew in this ship called Life and mom is First Mate.

Grandma isn't just a grandmother; she's a professional stuffed-animal tamer, book reader, driver, scheme detector, hair stylist and cook.

Grandpa isn't just a grandfather; he's an expert trickster, actor, mechanic, joke teller and hug giver.

Tragic events may rock my world and even break my heart, but they shape my world as much as happy things. When pain comes, bring me to Jesus’ light and show me His love, so that when pain and grief show me that my world isn't all I thought, the grief will not completely shatter me; it hurts, but it will be growing pains and it will expand my horizons. It will grow me, in the end.

If you teach me to find joy in all that is around me, I’ll help others see it, too.

"I found it is the small everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay... small acts of kindness and love." ~ Gandalf

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