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Well, as usual, my idea came late at night when sleep was eluding me. I was trying to pin down my idea, but couldn't; then the thought came as I once more got annoyed at my pillows for being so fluffy. I chucked the pillows to the end of the bed and then the thought finally came; "Q & A would be fun!" Well, what do you know, I turned over and promptly fell asleep.

Here is my idea; for those of you who would like to know more about me, I will do a Q & A post! For this, I'll take questions from you guys, put them into a post and answer them! You can ask me whatever you like (within reason). It could be about my writing, interests, favorite food, beliefs, etc.

Keep in mind: if questions are inappropriate or too personal I will not include them on the post or reply. (As in please do not ask something you would not be comfortable with someone asking you if they were putting it on a public post).

To join in: go to my contact page on this website, and write your question there; the name or alias you put when you enter the email will not be seen by anyone but me and I won't have the name with the question or post it.

The deadline is November 1st and I will publish the post sometime that week.

Until next time,


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