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Updated: Sep 19, 2021


Apparently Iris was going to tell you guys about her book and more, but it so happens she’s busy with planning other things and probably drinking more tea. . .

What I mean is, Iris was a little nervous to explain her novel and the world behind it to you people. So since she is too shy, I decided to do it. That way, it’s all on me. After all, I do have some experience in this world she says she’s created, and she’s never been there. I suppose I should tell you that I'm Tyroll; a so-called main character (whatever that means) You'll learn more about me and my sister in the time ahead.

You decided to see what all this blog stuff is, did you? Good for you! As Iris would say; if you are interested, please subscribe. What is a ‘sub scribe’ anyway? Why are you not head scribes? That job would pay more, right? You people are weird, but anyway, I’ll get on with things.

Thank you for wanting to read this! It definitely makes the author happy, and that means she writes better.

I mean, yeah, there’s not much here right now, but trust me, there have been many plans made, and eventually, Iris should be able to write these posts so smoothly she’ll forget she ever thought it was scary!

She has a few short stories and a lot of posts planned, and some of those will be including more info on her books! She has so many characters, peoples, towns, and creatures waiting to come to light, and as for the novel itself, it’s working its way toward publication, so hold on tight!

Visaya Awaits!

In any case, do not be deceived by anything Iris may have told you about my doings in this story; of all the people in her novels, I seem to be a favorite among the readers and think I know why.

First of all, and most importantly, I invented Jokester Day (I think you people renamed it April Fools’ Day?), kept my sister in one piece during all our crazy adventures, didn’t die on more than one occasion when everyone expected me to (that should really be worth an award), trained a dragon, and saved a couple people. I did some other things that were kind of painful but worth it for the people I love. These are the ones that end up being the best stories, because they are in them, which you’ll have to wait for.

Anyway, I better give some explanations so you’ll be able to decide for yourself whether you like my world or not.

First of all, it’s called Visaya. Apparently there is more than one continent, not the least of which is Petran— the only one I’ve really been on. There are dragons galore here, and plenty of griffons and owls and other things much less suspicious for you to learn about from a safe distance. Lucky you!

Faeda’s my sister, and you people would call her the heroine and main character. Oh, and just to let you know; I do not care what world you live in, don’t eat her fish pie! It could give a Stone dragon indigestion, and that’s if it would be able to swallow it.

Watch out for dragons; there are a few different kinds, and I hear a rumor that Iris plans to write you newcomers a guide to all the dragons (my personal favorite is the Tyrox, but you will have to decide for yourself). There may even be posts on the peoples but that one would be for the sub-scribes only.

This series of stories spans many years and there are so many adventures that I’ve lost count of them. So, if you become my sub-scribes and stick with me, then every couple weeks, I’ll try to get you— um, what did she call it? Sneaks? Oh! Sneak peeks of the stories! When she finally gets them published, you can read the whole thing for yourself and decide who is your favorite character.

Until the next time,

Tyroll Rouronon

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