• I. L. Tanis


There's something about rain that I've always been in love with for as long as I can remember.

Looking up into the falling rain, I'm mesmerized; watching those drops approaching my face so fast that by the time my mind realizes they are there, they've passed my face by.

Standing there, watching the rain, I feel like my life is a small, quick ending rainstorm, my choices the little drops; unnoticed, and lost in the chaos of this falling world, soaking into the ground. But then as the rain slows and stops, I see a rainbow slowly come. It's beautiful, but then it's gone as quick as it came.

Watching it fade, I realize my life is like a rainstorm; it starts, and goes on, mostly unnoticed by the big world it falls upon. Some people will see it, though, and my choice, the one that seemed unnoticed and small, will make an impact on them that I have no idea of.

The rainbow is small and broken, and I cannot see all the colors like l wish I could. It fades so fast it's like it never came. But I remember it. I saw it.

Then I think, one day, when I am with my Creator and Lord, I'll see my little, tiny, broken rainbow of color. Only this time, the faded parts will be complete in His light; the colors will be full and not fade away like on the broken world below. I turn my face to look down as the rain falls. Those little drops soak into the ground, and eventually, they will help something grow.

And I hope it's something good.

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