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Q & A

Hello! So I finally got to doing my Q & A.

It's actually kinda scary to do this, but you can't make progress without pushing through comfort zones, and I said I would so now I shall.

Without further ado:

1: Do you sleep talk? According to my best friend and my sister, I do. Apparently, I usually imitate characters word-for-word from movies in perfect accent for several minutes at a time. No idea how true it is.

2: What fantasy creature would you want to be real? I'd like to have a griffon, they'd be a cool guardian and friend, and watching one fly would be incredible.

3: What is your favorite flower? I don't have one favorite, I love wildflowers in general, but my favorites would probably be Strawflower, Wild Rose, and Morning Glory.

4: What fictional character would you like to meet? Aslan, from Chronicles of Narnia. Being around such power would be so humbling and amazing; I imagine looking into his eyes and it makes me shiver.

The series may not be the first choice to read for me, but Aslan is definitely one of my favorite characters.

5: When did you start writing? My storytelling started probably as soon as I could talk. First story I remember actually writing would be when I was about 11. I started to seriously write when I was sixteen; I began writing a short story, which turned into a novel, and then it sprouted into eleven stories over the last two years, and only six of those stories would I ever consider letting other people see.

6: What was your first ever story? Ahhh I don't know, exactly. The first one I remember is a (now very embarrassing) story I wrote at 13.

It was about a princess oblivious of her heritage due to being adopted as a baby, and she decided at 16 to travel and explore. The whole thing was an unrealistic dramatic gong-show, and really cringy.

Also, her name was Ranna, and as I discovered later, rana is the Spanish word for frog, so... yeah.

There is one thing from it that I'm still kind of proud of: her brother had a massive (and fat) pet grizzly bear named Bacon who loved cuddling the very unappreciative humans he met along the adventure.

7: Which of your characters is your absolute favorite? Probably Dilia, from my fantasy series. She's got the courage I wish I had sometimes. She is loyal and protective to a fault and isn't afraid to ask about the things that confuse her. She's also bubbly and very bright and willing to learn. She's inspired by my little sister and one of my cousins.

8: What kind of story have you never written but would like to one day? Maybe a romance, but only once I actually have some knowledge in that area of life, and right now I don't, haha.

Well, that's all the questions I have, so I suppose this is goodbye til next time!

Stay safe, keep warm, and God bless,


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